Tip Tuesday! Running on Vacation?

Coaches Tip Tuesday!

Vacations, have to get away! 
As the death rattles of summer are upon us, people are in desperate need to get out of dodge for a few days to enjoy the waning summer.  BUT What about running?? Do YOU run on vacation?
I have two trains of thought for this, with a different track for personality types.
Type A. A stands for always running. All the time. If this is you, a vacation might be the perfect time for your body to take a break. If you need to exercise, explore something else and save your running for when you get back. It will still be there for you…promise.
Type B. B stands for the beginner or barely running. My advice is to just pick 1 or 2 days and aim for fun as vs. must run x amount of miles. Explore your surroundings, take pictures and check out the scenery. Some of my all-time favorite runs have been on vacation when I had no place to go and just had fun!

If you are somewhere in the middle, I will always encourage you to bring your shoes and get out there!

See Ya Later!
Coach Beth

See Ya Later!
Coach Beth
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