★Virtual 5k Training Program!

If you are starting your first 5k, or coming back after a break of one month or 20 years, we got you covered. Running Evolution has been doing this for 13 years, and knows all the ins and out of getting you to cross that 5k finish line. Woohoo


★ A comprehensive, 4-week training program, delivered via PDF and, that includes a variety of runs, cross-training workouts, strength circuits and just some good pep talks.

★ Accessible, hands-on, expert coaching to get you over any training speed bumps; no question is too basic or TMI.

★ An engaged community of like-minded teammates that provide miles of inspiration and motivation—and the occasional gentle push out the door.

★ Weekly audio podcast to get you all excited about your new week.

★ Discounts from Oiselle, Yoga for Athletes.

★ Completion swag when you complete your first 5k.

ALL for $75

Is this for you?