Running Evolution

It’s time to get your team up and RUNNING.

Running Evolution creates game-changing fitness and team-building experiences for the workplace.

We believe in the power of RUNNING not just as a vehicle to improve overall physical and mental health, but as a way for employees to achieve individual wins AND come together as a team.

We specialize in coaching non-runners, reluctant runners, and rusty runners in a semi-competitive forum.

That means your team will benefit from the exercise, stress relief, confidence-building, and belly laughs that come with running as a group.



With worldwide shifts to work-from-home status, it’s never been more important for employees to REbuild strength, stamina, and overall health. Our virtual programs make it easy to incorporate healthy habits and REconnect to each other.



Running elevates mood, energy levels, mental clarity, and cardiovascular health. Get ready to recharge team morale and bring new life to your company goals.



It’s time to REimagine what’s possible. Running allows us to break through our own barriers and overcome fear. Our runners consistently surpass what they ever imagined possible for themselves. Can YOU imagine what that would do for your organization?

Learn more about how we’re REvolutionizing workplace health.

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What’s the ROI

on Employee Wellness Programs?

$250 million

Johnson & Johnson leaders estimated they saved $250M on health care costs over a decade thanks to employee wellness programs.


of people with high health risk reached low-risk status by completing a worksite cardiac rehabilitation and exercise program from an expert team.


every dollar invested yielded $6 in health care savings in a study of 185 workers and their spouses in that same study.

The Benefits of Running

with Running Evolution Programs

“This woman knows. The sport, the people, the mental ups/downs, and how to motivate the hell out of people. It’s such a joy to watch new runners come on board through Beth’s program. More humans need running – and this is an amazing catalyst!”

Sally Bergesen, Owner of Oiselle

Our Programs

Running Evolution’s retreats, virtual classes, and in-person workshops are designed to turn anyone into a runner with coaching and simple step-by-step plans that make it easy to start or re-start running.

We’re passionate about offering programs that are inclusive to people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and identities, and we’ll make sure everyone on your team is supported and set up for success.

WHAT WE BRING: The cheerleading, coaching, forums for questions, schedules, and everything else needed to get your workplace moving.

WHAT YOU BRING: A powerhouse team that’s up for a challenge and ready to rebuild, recharge, and reimagine what’s possible for themselves and your organization.

There’s never been a better time to get your team on their feet and moving.

Discover what a Running Evolution can do for your company’s health.

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