Success Stories

Still wondering whether you really have what it takes to go from couch potato to running potato? (Yep, that’s a thing now.)

Hear from past Running Evolution students on how they went from “yeah right” to “OMG I’m a real runner!

“This woman knows. The sport, the people, the mental ups/downs, and how to motivate the hell out of people. It’s such a joy to watch new runners come on board through Beth’s program. More humans need running – and this is an amazing catalyst!”

Sally Bergesen Founder + CEO | Oiselle

“The Virtual 10k Training Program exceeded my expectations! I loved how Beth engaged the team of runners through each online work out post. This engagement created a safe space to feel supported and successful with each run. Beth’s sense of humor also helped to keep things light and super fun! I look forward to signing up for more training programs as they are offered!”

Suzanne Singla

“I signed up for Beth’s Couch to 5K because I’ve never been a runner but wanted to be able to at least run 3 miles with confidence. I was pretty pessimistic since previous attempts were unsuccessful, but this program is perfect because it’s all about building the strength to run, mentally and physically, at a sustainable pace. Beth’s amazing program coupled with the gorgeous scenery of Greenlake and an awesome group of other runners made this the best experience I could have asked for. Thank you, Beth!”

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