Want to learn how to run with more fun and less suck?

This is going to be a game-changer.

It’s time for a Running Evolution.

Who We Are

Running Evolution is the ultimate training community for people who think they hate running.

All former couch potatoes welcome.

We train you to run in a non-competitive forum that offers up plenty of encouragement, guidance, friendly faces, buttslaps, and the occasional beer.

We’ll get your feet moving.

We’ll laugh.

We’ll cheer each other on.

And we’ll keep going.*

(*Except on rest days. Rest days are sacred.)

We’re also deeply committed to our core values of inclusivity, diversity, community-building, and having a damn good time.

What We Do

We train new runners through classes, workshops, and retreats that bring out the runner in everyone.


your strength.

Whether you haven’t run since college, since pregnancy, or since… ever… you can still rebuild healthy habits that will bring you strength and stamina.


to your body (and yourself).

Running has a way of breaking down your veneer and showing you who you really are. Reconnect to other people, to the person you want to be, and to the feeling of being in your own skin.


your battery life.

Once you build the running habit, it’s like a drug. Get ready to recharge your motivation and bring new life to your goals.


what’s possible.

Think you know what running is or what a runner looks like? Forget all of that. We meet you where you are and help you get past the mental blocks so that you can experience the awesomeness that is running.

Our mission is to make as many runners as possible… by empowering you to have the most fun you’ve ever had running.

Baby, you were born to run. (You just don’t know it yet.)

Sign up for our Virtual Couch to 5K class and find out how to run like a boss.

Meet the Founder

of Running Evolution

Hi! I’m Coach Beth, Chief Running Officer of Running Evolution, and I’ve personally coached almost 2,500 non-runners to run distances from 5Ks to marathons.

In addition to being a certified running coach through Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and a certified personal trainer, I’m also a taco lover, beer drinker, and former “person who was terrified of running.”

Street Cred

  • Red Tricycle
  • Seattle Times
  • Runners World
  • Oiselle
  • Trail Sisters
  • Shes Bold Podcast
  • Yelp

I didn’t know I could be a “real” runner until I met Beth and the other fabulous women of Running Evolution. In less than two years, I ran farther than I ever thought possible and made incredible friends along the way!”

– Christy T.