Virtual Couch to 5k

This is a totally accessible way to get into the running habit. 

We go slow, have specific tools to help you along, and will cheer and support you.
  • Let’s Run: A Handbook to Learn to Start Running!    
  • Weekly audio coaching podcast.
  • Weekly e-mail. 
  • A discount for Oiselle.
  • Strava group for check ins.
  • Access to the coach for questions/concerns/brags.
  • Weekly group coaching.
  • Daily recording of Runner Workout for Beginners. 
This is for you if you: 
  • Want to start running.
  • Need to restart running. 
  • Can walk easily for 30 minutes. 
  • Have access to a running path or treadmill. 
  • Want to get your fitness going.
When: Start Date 5/3
How Much: $99 before 4/23 $135 after 
Where: Right Where You Are. 
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Train for a 10k

5k is officially crossed off your list, and you want a new challenge? A Virtual 10k class is the logical next step, and in 4 weeks, you can go from 3 miles to the magical 6.2. 
  • Weekly virtual meetings.
  • Training schedule.
  • Nutritional information
  • Speed workouts.
  • FB group for accountability.
  • E-mail access
Starts 5/3
Pre-sale Price: $99 before 4/235 $115 after 
4 weeks. Sign Up Here

Virtual Pack

Looking for motivation to get or stay moving, get stronger, and keep up the momentum. Also, to stay sane in the crazy environment?



  • Zoom Attic Workouts M-Th 8:00
  • FB group
  • Accountability
  • Access to coach
  • Details:
    When: Ongoing
    How Much: $60/month  (This is a month to month price.)
    Where: Right at your house.

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