Come Run with Us

WARNING: You’re about to go from “person who can’t run” to “runner who used to think they couldn’t run.”

Running Evolution specializes in coaching non-runners, reluctant runners, and rusty runners in a non-competitive forum.

Our retreats, clinics, and workshops are designed to turn anyone into a runner with simple step-by-step plans and a whole lotta belly laughs.

As long as you can walk comfortably for 30 minutes and have access to a running path or treadmill, you’ll be able to start or re-start running in any of our programs.

Our program is for you EVEN IF:

Get ready to turn into that person who indoctrinates turns all your friends into runners, too!
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A social, non-competitive running + training group where the focus is getting people connected and moving in a fun + supportive environment. 


Join if you are

Ready to lace up and finally run your first 5K? We’ll go slow, give you the tools you need to succeed, and cheer for you along the way. This is a time-saving, one-stop-shop class that will get you off the couch and hitting your stride! 5-week program to make running your new lifestyle. In Person or Virtual Option! 

Starts 5/18