The gravity of pain.

I will always tell you my story, I will tell it all day long, that is if you’re ready for it. If are willing to listen, and hold the story in your soul, and be available to open your heart for it to go in and steep there. I will do that with you. I […]


  I am a big believer in talking to yourself like a weirdo. What you say to yourself has a huge impact on how you go about the world, and if you can think and say good stuff, it usually clicks in with your brain and becomes a belief, new habit or just true. Which is […]

Change Out Your Tape Of Excuses

I was talking to my friend Jess yesterday, who is also a coach and we were chuckling at all the excuses that we heard. (and know that I have said all those same excuses to myself!) And I mentioned that it’s not an excuse, it’s a broken tape that’s in your head that may be in […]

In the beginning​…

…Way back when I started running back in 1900’s in San Francisco, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, and I didn’t like to ask for help, which is kind of a disastrous combination. I went out, failed, felt bad and went out and did it again.  It went on for months. At some […]

Thank you, running​.

Thank you.  You have taught me that I am tougher then I am.  You have always been there for me.  I am still learning lessons from you, whether I am ready for it or not.  You have shown me that I can honestly do anything.  You were there when I was low.  You kept be […]

Your Pace Or Mine?

Coaches Tip Tuesday!  Your Pace Or Mine? (You’ll Be Fine.)   So, I am among a lot of runners. Sometimes they are running, and sometimes there are milling about waiting for their running buddy to come. I am also a skilled eavesdropper and love listening to a couple of running buddies meeting up. The conversation […]

2018: Not All Bubbles & Blowjobs.

We were fighting again, this time it was in our teeny kitchen on Capitol Hill. I was next to the sink, and he was on the other side, next to the fridge with his arms crossed. This was our umpteenth fight in as many days as our new baby was around and things had changed. […]

Pre-Run Check List.

Ready to run? O.K. GO!! Yikes, not yet. Hold the phone! (do people still say that?) Let’s back this show up a little. Before you get out the door….wait. Back up even more.  Even be before you do the dance of the awkward sports bra. Even before that, there is something that will help in […]

Find Your Mojo

So, here’s a question for you. Why do you want to run? Yes, I know it seems great and all your friends are doing it, but why do you want to do it? There is that punch drunk love of endorphins or the training for that race you may or may not have signed up for in […]

What the Eff To Eat?

What to Eat?  NEWS FLASH!!!! Did you hear about the newest thing that can improve your metabolism, boost your speed and make you fly for all runs? Dirt! Fresh DIRT! It is the answer to all your running needs. The only drawback is it tastes like… Guess what? Dirt. Totally kidding!! But, did I have […]