Pain Tunnel

A year ago, in the hills of upstate New York, I was in a big van, talking to my new best friend Jennifer, who I just met for the first time in real life. We bounced and bopped around to all the 80’s music that was coming out of the radio. We had 2 hours to […]

Self Fake News

 I put up a new episode of Why We Run. This one is called The Late Bloomers Run Club, where I talk to 3 runners who didn’t start running till the halfway mark of life, then went on to do incredible things.   I started to think of when I started running and why it took me so long to […]

Fun With Fear

*Pre-note. I am afraid of everything. I try to get past all the fear via running, and that helps push me past a few of my 10,000 fears. I have learned more about getting over my fear by trail running than anything else. OK, read on. * A few years ago, my legs and I were flying along an amazing […]

Why Race?

Why Race?Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I would like to defend the case of why runners should try on a race from time to time. I’m arguing on behalf of my past self, who was apprehensive on running a 5k when I started running. I was in the mindset that just the running to […]

Goal: Failing

On an island off the coast of Europe, I was hunched over on a curb, crying. I had just got pulled off a course for a marathon and pocketed my very first DNF, Did Not Finish, and it broke my heart. I had really trained for this race and put in the work. It was an extremely […]

How to do Hard Things

(My personal process) I am on a roll of doing hard things. I mean, the last few months, I have been hyperventilating, crying, cussing and smiling like a goon. Because I have training for an epic run, played an instrument on stage, sent out pitches to national magazines and reached out to my heroes for interviews for […]


I want to talk about your butt.Caboose, derrière, hiney, rear end, biscuits, peach, glutes, patootie, bum, fanny, badonkadonk. You may not know it, but your butt is very important to running. Lack of strong butt muscles, or as your physical therapist calls it, “lazy glutes” can cause all kinds of issues from shin splints, hip injuries to knee […]

Hold My Cookies

 I went to a women’s only Rain City Rock Camp this weekend. Basically, they take women who never played an instrument, (or maybe new to it) and stick them with other new people, put them into a band. We had 3 days to learn an instrument, write a song, learn the song, and play it in front […]

Vocab Lesson:

Tuesday Tip! Running Vocab!  In the beginning, there was just running. It was running away from something, like from a saber tooth tiger, or a tsunami. Or chasing after something, like dinner that had four legs. And that was pretty much the end it. Running; going away or towards something using your legs, and moving at a fast […]

The gravity of pain.

I will always tell you my story, I will tell it all day long, that is if you’re ready for it. If are willing to listen, and hold the story in your soul, and be available to open your heart for it to go in and steep there. I will do that with you. I […]