Well, I know a lot about this one; Her dog is Abby, and she has another one too, who I can’t remember. Her hair dresser

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I haven’t had this much attention on my boobs since I was a freshman in college. Let me explain…. When I packed on my freshman

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why i run. the real story.

Why I run. …….because because because. I have legs that work, and a big ol heart. Everything scares me, and running use to scare me too.

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Monday Runday Musings.

Headed out this morning for a nearly extinct solo run. (As a profession, I run with people, which is great. I very rarely run alone. It’s

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Let’s Move.

  So, I did a little soul searching last week. The thought of getting out of this running business crossed my mind. I was frustrated

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Free Couch to 5k Schedule:

For absolute Beginners