It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaah…you know how it goes!

If you are reading this, you are a runner or you have a runner in your life who has not given you the blues clue of what they want for them for Christmas!

Fret not! I got you covered! And in the spirit of my sentiment that we all have to much GD stuff, I have split up the list with stuff and experiences.

Warm Stuff: Going from head to toe, here’s a list of cozy running clothes or post running in the cold attire: Hats! I JUST got this Ultra beanie from Oiselle, and it’s been on my head most of the time! LOVE LOVE IT! If your ears get chilly, this fleeced ear warmer is super soft! Hands! Keep your paws toasty with these luxe gloves, that have a watch window! If you need the big guns, glove wise, these, the Power Move Mittens are solid! Core! Keeping your core warm is KEY to staying comfy on chilly days running in the elements! This vest is beautiful and warm. And if you are looking to keep yourself dry in the Seattle rain… this reflective vim jacket is perfect!

Shirts! Did you know Running Evolution has a shirt collection? Right here!

Pants! If your stems get chilly, these Crash Tights from Title Nine are so dreamy. Thick, fleeced on the inside AND super flattering!

Experiences! Give the gift of a race bib! One of my favorite racing partners, Orca Running and Evergreen Trail Runs! who host beautiful and well organized races across the state, all year round!

Coaching! OH! That’s where I come in! I offer gift cards for one on one coaching (all done virtually), Couch to 5k Club (starts in January, and if you sign up before Friday you save $50) and our Half Marathon Training (starts in March!)

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