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Tuesday Tip Who Do You Think You Are?
 One of the crappy things about having big goals is your brain screaming at you, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU
THINKING!!”  So, let’s say you want to run a half marathon, and you’ve never done that before. Your brain
might be against this goal of yours and protest in little sneaky ways. It just wants to protect you, but that will
show up in undermining tactics to keep that goal just out of reach. Personal example: When I started
running, and my goal was a 5k. My body was all on board, but my brain was a hard no. It constantly
reminded me:
 -My boobs are too big (I didn’t look like a runner)  
-I’m too slow (I don’t run like a runner)
 -It’s bad on my knees (a doctor told me when I was in high school)
All of these voices were in my head, which made it hard when I wanted to complete my goal. I needed to
question these, to see if they’re true. Turns out, I just needed a better bra, good shoes, and accept that I
might not win, but I can definitely finish. Ta DA!!

Here are a couple of roadblocks that will come up in any big goal that you have: 
🛑 Imposter Syndrome: Who do you think you are in attempting this goal. You’re going to get hurt, fail, or
🛑 Perfectionist: Having an idea that your goal needs to look a perfect way. This might paralyze you, and
then nothing gets done. 
🛑 Overwhelm: This is my go-to. My brain goes, “It’s all too much” then I crawl back to bed. I am pretty good at this one. Olympic qualifier overwhelmer right here. 
🛑 What will people think: People are going to see me, and judge me. Or my friends/family will laugh at me. 

So, how do you get from point A-B, with all the hurdles, trolls and “OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING’s?”
Well, by being aware of them is a big step. When you feel that hesitation, sit with that and listen to what your
head is telling you. Ignoring it won’t work, because it’ll just yell louder and louder. So, you need to see what it has to say, and then see if it’s helpful. 
Green Light Actions: Here are a few ways to set up systems to help you support you with all the goal
🚦Support Systems: Accountability partners, groups and good people in your corner. (One of my
self-sabotage tricks is telling the wrong person my big goal. Usually said the person will project their fears onto me, and then my self-doubt becomes crystal clear, and back into bed for me.) 
🚦Make it public: Putting on the calendar and proclaiming it to everyone! (who is supportive, of course).
This might be signing up for a race, booking tickets, or putting a deposit down on something that makes you
throw up a little. 
🚦Set Habits: If you want to run a 5k, start walking every day when you wake up. This will hopefully turn into
running, and then a lifetime habit.
🚦Make A List: Write down everything that you have to do, and bonus points for possible roadblocks that
might come up, and how to navigate them. 
🚦Get started: Just start. Stop talking about the thing and do the thing. The hardest part is the start.   

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