I was talking to my friend Jess yesterday, who is also a coach and we were chuckling at all the excuses that we heard. (and know that I have said all those same excuses to myself!) And I mentioned that it’s not an excuse, it’s a broken tape that’s in your head that may be in need of changing.

Example:                 Change to:  
Too tired                   Running will help me get better sleep
Too stressed             Running will help me be more in my body than my head
Kids need me          I’ll check with other half or caretaker/neighbor/friend for help
Feeling sick              I’ll come out and see how I do. (unless you are contagious)
Hungover                  Fresh air will do me some good
Haven’t run all week  I’m well rested to run
It’s too cold               I have layers to dress in

It takes a few passes to retrain your head, but you’ll that excuse tape will start being a little softer each time. Promise.