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Find Your Mojo

So, here’s a question for you. Why do you want to run? Yes, I know it seems great and all your friends are doing it, but why do you want to do it?


There is that punch drunk love of endorphins or the training for that race you may or may not have signed up for in the near future. But why running? It’s a good thing to ask yourself in case you lose your mojo. It seems like a total no-brainer, the why. But if you think about it, and even write it down, you’ll be much more motivated to keep doing it when the weather turns, or you’re too busy…or when you just have lost that running feeling. AKA: Running Mojo.

First a quick lesson on what mojo is: Running Mojo is a magical feeling that comes with running. It’s that bliss that you get on your run when all is right in the world and all your problems go right out of your pores and slide onto the ground. It is fantastic.

But what if you lose your mojo? I lost mine back in 2011 and I found it under the couch, hiding. Silly mojo! When I did lose it, I went down my go-to list of mojo makers. Here is what I found, and hopefully you will find it helpful if you lose yours, if it’s not under the couch.


1. Find Your Rest
We put our bodies through some big expectations, and then we are surprised when this feeling of “meh” washes over us when we think about running. If you have been training for something, or stressed out, maybe you’re just tired. Giving your body a week off won’t hurt you. If you place that time on the schedule, and don’t beat yourself up about it, you’ll come back to it refreshed and ready to go go go.

2. Find Different Places
This is my go-to when my love of running lacks luster. Look for new places to go, trails to travel, and new mountains to climb. Even if it’s a different neighborhood near you that you have never been to before, your brain will light up like a Christmas tree with good mojo feelings.


3. Find Your People
Here is a fun fact: Runners are rad, and when you get a group or partner up, you have accountability plus a person to chat with and solve all the world’s problems over a 3 miler. Running is one of the few sports where you can chat and exercise at the same time. As long as you like short answers. Phew.

4. Find New Goals
Some people do a mile a day or a half marathon a month. For new runners I suggest the 5K a month until they find their love of their new sport. Another one is to jot down a list of “bucket list” races and maybe put it up somewhere you can see everyday. When you visualize your goals, and put action to them, they happen every time!

What the Eff To Eat?

What to Eat? 

NEWS FLASH!!!! Did you hear about the newest thing that can improve your metabolism, boost your speed and make you fly for all runs?

Dirt! Fresh DIRT! It is the answer to all your running needs.

The only drawback is it tastes like… Guess what? Dirt.

Totally kidding!! But, did I have some of you? For like 2 milliseconds? And if it was true, what kind of dirt? I mean if it made all runs amazing…

So now we have come to, “what the heck to eat.” Good news, it’s not dirt. Although, some of those bars out there, claiming all those things above… They come a close second, amiright?

When speaking to new runners, there are some simple guidelines to follow. NOTE: This is for us recreational runners who just want to know what to eat so we don’t feel like dirt or need to find an emergency port-o-potty in the middle of a trail…here are the rules of thumb.

  • Carbohydrates before. Around 45-60 minutes beforehand. Just one serving too, and stick to something easy to digest (toast, banana, cereal). No beer, not a deep dish pizza… I have done meticulous personal trials with these, and have had very bad outcomes. You are welcome.
  • Protein after. Your body has this magical 30-minute window where it becomes a sponge for all things to help replenish your body. I like string cheese or an egg. Even if you aren’t hungry, try to get something down. It will make you feel better for the rest of the day.
  • Gotta GO? Stay away from high fiber items of food before your runs. I had a friend who plowed through a huge bowl of cherries before her first 10k, but it became a race to the next honey bucket. You get the picture.
  • Hydrate! Water helps everything! Skin, muscles, and your overall machine of a body. Tip! Drink all through the day, and not all at once. Chugging water will lead to cramps and side stitches.
  • 1 mile = 100 calories. That’s it. Granted your overall metabolism is boosted, but as far as the actual running, that’s all it is. It’s a good thing to keep in mind when fueling your runs. You might need to rethink that cheeseburger, fries, and margaritas after your next 5k fun run.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and everyone is different. I like the 3T’s: Test. Train then Take Notes: Find out what works and stick to that.

Light Em Up!

This Little Light Of Mine. 


BOOM! It happens just like that. The sun is no longer there. Thank YOU winter, daylight savings, and a very northern latitude.


But, when the heck are you supposed to get your run in, especially if you feel uneasy running at night, or in Seattle, 4:00 in the afternoon. Here are a few tips to make it happen, and feel safe doing it.

1. Light yourself up like a mother trucking Christmas tree! I recommend headlamp, butt lamp, and something near your ankles (just to verify to other people that you are indeed a runner, and not a slow, low moving drone).

2. Buddy UP! And make sure they are lit up as well or take out a nice big insurance policy on them.

3. Take off your earbuds. Yes. I know, this isn’t fun. But being aware of your surroundings is essential and you can talk to your buddy, who is also lit up!

4. Stay on well lit and populated streets or parks. AND make sure you are seen by bikes, car drivers and other runners. Don’t assume others can see you. Give a little wave or nod to make sure no one is going to get hit.

5. Weather! It is extra hard to see runners in a downpour or fog. You can still run, but please be extra cautious out there.

And, when in doubt, add another light on there. It may look a little dorky, but dorky is better than dead.


Cookies, Eggnog, Christmas Cheer! Meet 4 weeks of runs to help keep your sanity and in stay in running shape.
4 weeks. All the Runs!
  • Come to as many as you want.
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Starts Nov 26th.
Details: All runs meet at Super Jock n Jill except the * classes
MTTH 8:30
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*Wednesdays 11 am & 6:30 p.m. RockIt Class, think track work out to get you stronger/faster and sweaty class at 11 am and 6:30 (meets at the lower Woodlawn track)
*Saturday morning at 9:00. 3-5 miles. Meet at Gasworks
Tokens are given out on every run.
Pre-Sale Price $99 on 11/16
$120 After 11/16

Leave Your Work at Work.

Some people say they don’t run because they are afraid they will get laughed at by doing it wrong, or they are too slow and won’t be taken seriously. Especially around Greenlake on a sunny day.

I get that.

But, being a coach, sometimes I do see some people who get around the lake in a running fashion, and want to take them aside and give them unsolicited advice about how to run a little more efficiently. I would do it very nicely and give them a little pat on the fanny to let them know that I care. Some of the things I see may resemble positions from a colorful persons resume, but they are also names to describe people with bad running form.  

   Pirate- Take your arms, and swing them to and fro, across your body, like you are going to sing a shanty or pillage some booty. Strong and across your body. Arrree! You can even sing out “Yo-ho-ho” when doing this. Hey, that’s great! This move should only be used by pirates or pretending to be a pirate, and not for runners. Arms should move in the direction you are moving, and not in front of your body.

 Bouncer Your name is now Scud, or Snake. You’re wearing leather, with studs and checking and winking at underage girls trying to get into a club with their fake id’s. You jump high in the sky to check how big the line is that it trying to get into your hip new club. Please do not run this way. Calves, in jumping or bouncing manner, should not be used much, and this is where shin splints come from the bouncy runner. This is also very painful watching a women runner who bounces too much while wearing a bad sports bra. (Ouch) Think about engaging your quads more, to move smoothly. Smooooth, not bouncy. Bouncy=Bad.

 Office Worker 12 hour says, hunched over a keyboard. If you remove desk and keyboard, throw on some wicking clothes and run. The same posture, you just sat at for your work day, hunched over, with a c-shaped spine, then you are an office worker who hasn’t left their work completely. This is not good as well. Pulling back your shoulders and getting your spine in a more I-shape. This will help you breathe easier and get your body and mind away from the office.

If you run like a runner, and you are a runner