It happened to my mom, it happened to my grandmother, and now, it’s my turn. The torch of “Oh my goodness, did I just pee a little” has passed down to me.

Seriously, womanhood, motherhood!! WTF! It’s a never ending jack in the box of surprises that this body is popping up or leaking out. The mammograms, IUD’s, periods from the hells balls, migraines from hells other balls, and not to mention the pressure of appearance that we are supposed to keep up with. Fuck that shit.

So this new fun item on the list is happening now when I run.  I have to say, I knew it was a very common thing, since I am a running coach who primarily works with woman. I thought I was safe, cause I had a c-section, but no. And then I had all these women who didn’t have kids talk about it. So no one is safe, exempt men. Men are safe AF.

I posted this last night on the ol FB, and I heard from a ton of women who this happens too. And from a the array of PT’s who posted (bless you PTs) that it’s common, but not normal and you can DO something about it.

I will always remember my poor little grandmother being horrified when it happened to her. We’d be shopping for a prom dress and having a ton of fun, then it was all, “We have to go right NOW!” Oh… Ok.

And the countless surgeries my mom had to make her bladder re-work after pushing out four kids, and the first one was over 10 pounds, when she was 18. Luckily, he’s a cool dude.

Look, I am not the bitter type, and I love being this awesome woman I am, but I do need to vent. Sometimes, when I complain, people help me out, and tell me there is hope. YAY HOPE!  I am listing all of the links that I got, so if you are interested in being more woman then a fountain, you have a resource.   Now go on with your bad selves.