My Big Why.

I was on the conference floor of a running convention a few years ago. It was right after my grandfather died, and my 3 year old black lab was put down. I was a little tender. It was held in a dry state, and I had a dry martini in hand, with a splash of bitter. I was chatting with my new friend, who was the race director of the amazing relay race in California. Her name was…let’s just call her Diane. This was not Diane’s first running conference rodeo, and she was not shy about dishing out who and what the deal was with everyone. She pointed out an older gentleman.

“See him? He has been the race director of (let’s keep this anonymous and insert huge national marathon here) forever. Watch yourself, he gets very “handsy” when he’s been drinking at these things.”
“Noted,” I said.

Also as an aside, I love the word “handsy” now. It describes so much of our current national situation. HANDSY.

Most of the floor was covered with these old white men. Not that there is anything wrong with old white men. My own dad is an old white guy. But old white dudes is not the bounty of the running community. I felt like Tippy Hedren in the “The Birds” being very careful of where I walked and not to have anything too shiny on my person. And when I talked to these guys, they spouted off their PR’s like it was their last name. Like they were the James Bond of running. “3:14 James 3:14”. I was not impressed. Actually I gave -0 fucks.

So, I went back to Seattle, back to my bounty of mostly women and thought, why isn’t the running world talking about my people? About the moms, the nurses, teachers, the partners at the law firms who have 3 kids and just need to get a run in so they won’t kill people? What about them? They don’t drop their PR when they talk. NO! They just talk like humans. Novel, right? And the guys too who want to be a healthy role model for their kids, and aren’t trying to make it to the Olympics.

Back to what my why is. I see a huge hole in the world of coaching runners. A hole to where people just want to learn how to start running. Where to start, what to wear, why it sucks, and when do they finally get those mighty endorphins. So, I started this Certification and Licensing program to get more people to run. ‘Cause it does suck at the begining, and people need help.

I love running. I love coaching people through the tough parts so that they can get to the great part. They all go through the same ebb and flow. After doing this for 12 years, I know it like clock work. I also think running can save lives, marriages, and maybe the world. Maybe I am an idealist, but, I want to start spreading the running gospel and get more members on the road.

I want to empower people, dammit. Let’s fucking do this.



Coach Running Evolution Certification and Licence from Running Evolution on Vimeo.