Can I talk to you over here for a second?  I’ll just be a minute.      
       Did you know that it took me a year to run my first 5k? And I started this whole wonderful business as a way to teach people to run, that it doesn’t have to take a whole year? 

And…well, uh… I had ulterior motives…I have a secret to tell you. There is no way in hell that I would run as much as I do if it wasn’t for YOU! 

Big Secret (no really) I need a whole lotta help getting my own workouts in. I need accountability, I need support, I need an ass-kicker. So, I am always so impressed when people come to classes, rain or shine, and kick ass on their own accord. But I have a sneaking suspicion that there are other people like me.

Maybe you?

Do you need a little hand holdin? Ass-kicking? And buckets cheering?

You want to feel: 

With help, you can do anything. I am a huge believer in this power.

I hear you loud and clear!! 

If this is you, WELCOME!

HI!! *waving my hand* and I have something very special for you.

The Premium Pack! It’s some butt kicking, a little hand holding, a whole lot of cheerleading!!

Cause it is so hard to do it solo. To convince your now self that your future self is going to be so happy that you got out there.

What is it? 

Space is limited to 10 amazing people, in this exclusive program. Are you one of the 10? Get your application here: (applications processed daily) here is the link.

Then what? Once the application is processed, I will e-mail you the processing payment page and then BOOM! You are in. We kick off June 5th. Price $165/month (3-month commitment please)