Well, I know a lot about this one; Her dog is Abby, and she has another one too, who I can’t remember. Her hair dresser is Dean. Her husband’s name is Funky, or Bruce…maybe it’s Funky Bruce. And everyone knows her. She was not a runner when she came to Running Evolution, and I thought she hated me…she might still.

15825992_10210281802554366_1581451512129192224_n She also ran 2016 miles in 2016 with the help of another ROTY, Val. Her hair always looks good. I did get a little miffed when I found out her half marathon time was a little too close to my PR. She is kind, generous, inspirational and an amazing supporter.  12112276_10206709545330168_3819586019678638540_n

Kathy Bowen, I am so so so happy to have you part of Running Evoution, and very happy to have you be the ROTY!