I haven’t had this much attention on my boobs since I was a freshman in college. Let me explain…. When I packed on my freshman 15, it went right to my boobs.  When I came back to my home town, word got around that I got a boob job. To be fair, it was Orange County, and I was very blond.

Fast forward to 23 years later, in early October,  going to the OB for my annual fun day with a side of speculum. The doc let out a “OH!” (code for I found a lump). No big deal, I have had one before, those mammogram places have chocolate! I am good.

Mammogram came back with not 1, but 2 suspicious “distortions” which needed 2 biopsies. I freak out, cry, plan my funeral and come back to my senses. First biopsy was awful! It was loud, and I had to stand up, while  they put a needle in my boob. I know, TMI. Sorry. But I did figure out that I want “Come Up To The House” by Tom Waits at my funeral.

So, fast forward past months, 15 mamograms, MRI’s andbbbra2 3 more biopsies, where they kept missing the spots, and then had to surgically open up my fun bag to pull out what ever was in there.

It’s been a long stressful few months, and I haven’t been a good friend, coach or family person. But here is the kicker, everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, has been so so so awesome and wonderful. So, this is just a thank you letter to you for being so awesome, even if you had no idea, you were still there. I hated telling people, it’s such a downer, and I had no answers. No books are written on the breast limbo waiting game.

The last test results just came back as benign, and I thought they said, beignets….both words I love and they are both so so sweet.