I haven’t had this much attention on my boobs since I was a freshman in college. Let me explain…. When I packed on my freshman 15, it went right to my boobs.  When I came back to my home town, word got around that I got a boob job. To be fair, it was Orange […]

(Pre-SALE) January Jump Start!!

The holidays are here in full force. And I want to have a good time, and I want YOU to have a good time too. Celebrating the holidays is spending time with family and friends with cheer, cookies and EGGNOG! You guys, do you know how much I love eggnog??? It’s a lot! And when the […]

Wednesday Wisdom: You’ve Got This.

Whatever “it” is. Starting to run, changing jobs, getting healthy, falling in love, making a leap. And you are waiting for someone to tell you that you can do it,  that it’s going to be o.k., or just give you permission. Let me be the one to officially say, “You can do this. I am not […]