The next 4 years…MILES! I mean miles.




I am not going to lie I am worried about that big hill for the next 4 miles. It’s going to be tough. From the looks of it, it is straight up hill and there is no plateau in sight. Kinda looks like a wall.

So, how do you conquer a hill like that?

You put your head down and run.

You cheer yourself on, and fight the good fight.

You gather around others, and run together.

You listen to music and sing your head off.

You fire all the muscles that have been on rest for a while, and call them up for service.

You might cry, curse and call to the heavens for some relief, but you keep going up, and kick ass.

Run, walk or crawl, keep moving up. It’s not fight or flight. It’s both.

The best thing about hills, is that there is a top, where the view is spectacular.