HAY! You started running! Great! Now what? How do you train to go longer, fast and basically change it  up?

I am a big fan of a no-brainer run schedule. If you start to think about it, the chances of your running getting done. Right?

Here is a sample schedule to do. 5-6 days: 30 minutes a day. You have 30 minutes, right? Mix & match days to fit your lifestyle and GO GO GO!

Monday: 30 minutes casual run.

Tuesday: Track. 2 laps slow. 4 laps, 1 at a time, with a 1 minute rest in between. The pace should be faster rate that you would not want to go for any longer.

Wednesday: Hills or Stairs. Up and down.

Barbie Hull Photography
Barbie Hull Photography

Thursday: 30 minutes casual slow.

Friday: Rest or Cross-training.

Saturday: Slow, but shoot for 35 minutes and try to extend 5 minutes each week.

Sunday: Rest