#TuesdayTrainingTip: How to Run Uphill. (The Next 4 Years)

The next 4 years…MILES! I mean miles. Up. Up Up.      I am not going to lie I am worried about that big hill for the next 4 miles. It’s going to be tough. From the looks of it, it is straight up hill and there is no plateau in sight. Kinda looks like […]

RE:MANIFESTO! What I Hold True.

It occurred to me, that I had not made it public, of how much ass I want to kick. Hey World! I want to kick me some ass. You got that? Now, thats is over, I thought I should share with you my Manifesto for RE. I am inviting you to send me YOUR personal […]

#TuesdayTrainingTip: What to Run in a Week?

HAY! You started running! Great! Now what? How do you train to go longer, fast and basically change it  up? I am a big fan of a no-brainer run schedule. If you start to think about it, the chances of your running getting done. Right? Here is a sample schedule to do. 5-6 days: 30 minutes […]