10338384_10203875145144296_6797392959006664017_oHi. My name is Beth, and I am gonna kick your butt.

See, just look at me. I am so mean!!

When I started this business, 10 years ago, I realized pretty good at one thing. Not getting people to run, or showing them about fitness. Nope. It was being having a ninja like ability to cut out excuses, getting people to get out of their heads, and de-clutter negative self talk crap. Because life is too damn short for that shit.

I am very good at that.

And in the past few months I have been experimenting doing this one on one, as a way to help people and get them moving, losing weight, and hitting their big life goals. But it is not for the weak of heart. I get kinda real. LIke REAL real. And they have gotten REal results, and pretty quickly too.

Now, I am looking for a few more people to take on.

1 month REal Bundle Includes:

I will only be taking 5 people, and want to make sure we will be a good fit.

SO! If you are interested, please e-mail me and let me know the following:

  1. Your OVER ALL GOALS! (health or life wise)
  2. Your mental blocks. (if you know)
  3. Your commitment level. (on a scale form 1-10)

I am really excited to do this, and I am excited to get you going.