Headed out this morning for a nearly extinct solo run.

(As a profession, I run with people, which is great. I very rarely run alone. It’s a pleasure when it happens.)

Here is my stream of consciousness run, for you.

**note- I had my iPod on shuffle.

inside voice-

slow down

I need to write a blog on how uncomfortable the first 10 min of running is….again.

what’s down this road

huh, a hill, uuggg

i like the Mountain Goats, this song reminds me of Mandy.

the Mountain Goats were a lot better when it was just one guy

i sound like an old person

its 5:30 a.m. and i am running, awesome

i am feeling the endorphins

i love you, endorphins

i wonder what’s down this street

i like that fence

we need a new fence

i love our greed door

wasn’t there a porno called behind the green door

i think it was the first porno

why do i know this?

hey, a dead end, back where i came from

white center is a fun place to run

hey, a catholic church

i feel judged

turn right

wow, i love my husband, but there is far too much Grateful Dead on this iPod, skip

Sonic Youth, nice

Up the hill

yes, hill, I am going to conquer you for breakfast

ok hill, i am getting full on hills for breakfast, maybe a snack, will slow down

yeah downhill, i love you downhill

i love this song

i love everything

hey, i’m almost home

maybe a i should walk to cool down

a shower sounds nice

i have a cute little house