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RE:AL Coaching: Buttkicking & Buttslaps

10338384_10203875145144296_6797392959006664017_oHi. My name is Beth, and I am gonna kick your butt.

See, just look at me. I am so mean!!

When I started this business, 10 years ago, I realized pretty good at one thing. Not getting people to run, or showing them about fitness. Nope. It was being having a ninja like ability to cut out excuses, getting people to get out of their heads, and de-clutter negative self talk crap. Because life is too damn short for that shit.

I am very good at that.

And in the past few months I have been experimenting doing this one on one, as a way to help people and get them moving, losing weight, and hitting their big life goals. But it is not for the weak of heart. I get kinda real. LIke REAL real. And they have gotten REal results, and pretty quickly too.

Now, I am looking for a few more people to take on.

1 month REal Bundle Includes:

  • 1 hour in person, or Skype session (if not in Seattle)
  • 4 x 30 min weekly in depth coaching phone calls
  • Weekly schedule and home work (with strict follow-up)
  • Exercise accountability: We’ll use Strava, as a tool.
  • Weekly progress reports.
  • Text questions and cheerleading  (between certain hours of the day)
  • *REal life food audit (*if food management is a goal) and meal planning
  • $475/month

I will only be taking 5 people, and want to make sure we will be a good fit.

SO! If you are interested, please e-mail me and let me know the following:

  1. Your OVER ALL GOALS! (health or life wise)
  2. Your mental blocks. (if you know)
  3. Your commitment level. (on a scale form 1-10)

I am really excited to do this, and I am excited to get you going.


why i run. the real story.

Why I run.

…….because because because.

I have legs that work, and a big ol heart.

Everything scares me, and running use to scare me too. But then I got over that, and when  I run, it reminds me that I can be scared and do anything.

My sleeves don’t have enough snot on them.

It brings me community and connection that I woefully need.

I feel strong and sexy at the same time.

It is the realest thing my body knows how to do.

I don’t need make-up or to dress up fancy or put any kind of fancy shell on first. I can just show up.

My dad runs.

I use to hate it.

My old high school boyfriend told me I couldn’t and that I was fat, also, I hated in high school.

Sometimes, I have no idea how to mother, and running away seems to be the only option. I always come back.

Because sometimes, my mom couldn’t handle being a mother, and she didn’t always come back.

I love my son, and running reminds me to just feel that love very very hard.

I want to live a long life.

I don’t want to be scared.

When I don’t have the answer and I can either find it on a run or realize it doesn’t really matter after all.

My jokes are funnier to others who are all hopped up on endorphins.

To remember how wonderful and lovely life, people and this world is.

To see this earth and move over it with my own two damn feet.

Because beer and doughnuts are so good and like to make a home on my thighs as a special fuel reserves.

I will always have energy to run, and a super power to teach other people to learn to run.

I get to see and talk to the most human part of people.

Because I get to.

Monday Runday Musings.

Headed out this morning for a nearly extinct solo run.

(As a profession, I run with people, which is great. I very rarely run alone. It’s a pleasure when it happens.)

Here is my stream of consciousness run, for you.

**note- I had my iPod on shuffle.

inside voice-

slow down

I need to write a blog on how uncomfortable the first 10 min of running is….again.

what’s down this road

huh, a hill, uuggg

i like the Mountain Goats, this song reminds me of Mandy.

the Mountain Goats were a lot better when it was just one guy

i sound like an old person

its 5:30 a.m. and i am running, awesome

i am feeling the endorphins

i love you, endorphins

i wonder what’s down this street

i like that fence

we need a new fence

i love our greed door

wasn’t there a porno called behind the green door

i think it was the first porno

why do i know this?

hey, a dead end, back where i came from

white center is a fun place to run

hey, a catholic church

i feel judged

turn right

wow, i love my husband, but there is far too much Grateful Dead on this iPod, skip

Sonic Youth, nice

Up the hill

yes, hill, I am going to conquer you for breakfast

ok hill, i am getting full on hills for breakfast, maybe a snack, will slow down

yeah downhill, i love you downhill

i love this song

i love everything

hey, i’m almost home

maybe a i should walk to cool down

a shower sounds nice

i have a cute little house


#TuesdayTrainingTip: What To Wear.

It’s cold, it’s hot, it’s sunny, now it’s a downpour. What the heck do you wear in bipolar weather conditions?

Oiselle’s newest #WazzieWool base layers are the perfect start to your layering on your next run. And the colors!!!

  1. Layers! A base layer with something easy to slip off when your body is warmed up.
  2. Not cotton. Go with performance fabrics or wool, which helps keeps dry when you get sweaty, or when the sky dumps all the rain.
  3. A baseball hat. Keeps the sun out of your eyes and the rain off your face.
  4. Reflective clothes. Those days are getting shorter, so make sure cars, cyclist and other runner can see you. Been seen, not dead.
  5. Smart about socks. Cotton socks don’t dry and the fibers expand when they get wet or sweaty, which causes blister and all around icky    squishy feeties.


#TuesdayTrainingTip: How to rest like a mofo.

Resting is just as important to training as the training. It’s like sleeping, your body needs to regroup, reset, and be able to absorb all the goodness it was just filled with. img_5658

Here are my 5 favorite rest day activities.

  1. Massage!
  2. Epson salt bath.
  3. Light yoga. Please check out Jasyoga online videos!!
  4. A light walk with a friend.
  5. A day full of nourishing foods and lots of H2o. A power packed smoothie for breakfast. A veggie filled hash with sweet potatoes, peppers and carrots. Smoked salmon and red wine for dinner.