So, I am in the middle of the this huge endeavor; licensing Running Evolution, and everything is on track. I am doing the classes, and everyone looks happy. New website is stunning, half marathon group is killing it, and then boom. I look up and I realize that the model I have for a membership program has failed, with a capital F. It’s a simple math problem, that I was counting on to get a monthly income, wasn’t brining enough in.

Side bar: I hate the words “not enough” with all my heart. Its comes from a place of scarcity, when I know that there is enough.

I just wasn’t putting my attention on that thing, and it got away from me. ALSO! I never went into this business to make a ton of money, I am doing it to change lives. I believe that if I can make more runners, and move more people, the world can be better. I believe that in my Ben n Jerry’s carmel core of a soul. But I do need to live and eat. FIRST CHANGE LIVES. Then eat, and pay bills, and maybe a little left for beer.

Looking at my model more closely, I can see that the issue is one thing: Motivation. The Pack Program is great, take all the classes, for a very seasonable price, I might add. But there is a lack of motivation. That is the eternal question: HOW DO YOU MOTIVATE. So, we are going to play around with some ideas.

SO, if you are interested in coming in, and joining us, I would love to help change your life. It’s hard at the beginning, buy I am on you side, and I want you to succeed.

Here is the plan: First Week of Pack for FREE: (Just shoot me a e-mail to sign up) See how you like it, see what I can offer you, and let’s make some GOALS!

Let’s do this. I know we can.


Coach Beth

P.S. I was overwhelmed and completely ugly-cry humbled with all of the “how can I helps”. If you would like to help, please spread the word: We have a Free RE:Boot Camp this Saturday, 10k Training, and a new FREE Try n See RE:Boot Camp. (pop an e-mail to me to sign up) that would be awesome. And if you have a work place who is interested in a Pack Challenge, please pass them my way! Thank you!