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Let’s Move.

unspecified-2  So, I did a little soul searching last week. The thought of getting out of this running business crossed my mind. I was frustrated that I wasn’t reaching people, and I was worried about keeping people motivated.
SO, I asked for help. HELP, with a capitol S.O.S., MAYDAY, and some 911. And help is what I got. I got input, and brainstorming, and a teeny bit of therapy sessions. It all boiled down to what I want, which of course, I already knew. Funny how that happens.

  My goal of Running Evolution is to get as many people running as possible, and to empower bodies with the energy of exercise in a kick ass, supportive and nurturing community. 

So, the first one, yes, get more people running. But, what I really want to focus on is the second part of this statement. I want to make a difference. I want to help, and empower. I want to connect you with other people and exercise at the same time. Then it hit me. I am going to nurture a small pack, and slowly grow it. But I cannot do that if I take everybody, so I am going slow. 20 people to start, and then we’ll see how that goes.

Now, I am looking for 20 new people who want to change, and have made the decision to do that. I want you to join our Pack. In this Pack, we’ll have weekly e-mails, monthly challenges, and in person events/runs, and a buddy accountability teams. There also a ton of perks, like all the classes that RE runs. 

If you are interested, please let me know. Check out The Pack Page for details and to sign up.

Thank you all for being so awesome. I REally love my job.

This is a Effing Gift


So, I am in the middle of the this huge endeavor; licensing Running Evolution, and everything is on track. I am doing the classes, and everyone looks happy. New website is stunning, half marathon group is killing it, and then boom. I look up and I realize that the model I have for a membership program has failed, with a capital F. It’s a simple math problem, that I was counting on to get a monthly income, wasn’t brining enough in.

Side bar: I hate the words “not enough” with all my heart. Its comes from a place of scarcity, when I know that there is enough.

I just wasn’t putting my attention on that thing, and it got away from me. ALSO! I never went into this business to make a ton of money, I am doing it to change lives. I believe that if I can make more runners, and move more people, the world can be better. I believe that in my Ben n Jerry’s carmel core of a soul. But I do need to live and eat. FIRST CHANGE LIVES. Then eat, and pay bills, and maybe a little left for beer.

Looking at my model more closely, I can see that the issue is one thing: Motivation. The Pack Program is great, take all the classes, for a very seasonable price, I might add. But there is a lack of motivation. That is the eternal question: HOW DO YOU MOTIVATE. So, we are going to play around with some ideas.

  • First: Challenge. 2 Weeks. With a $100 Oiselle gift card as a prize.  (starts next week)
  • Second: Buddy system, with a weekly check-in with the boss/coach lady (ME).

SO, if you are interested in coming in, and joining us, I would love to help change your life. It’s hard at the beginning, buy I am on you side, and I want you to succeed.

Here is the plan: First Week of Pack for FREE: (Just shoot me a e-mail to sign up) See how you like it, see what I can offer you, and let’s make some GOALS!

Let’s do this. I know we can.


Coach Beth

P.S. I was overwhelmed and completely ugly-cry humbled with all of the “how can I helps”. If you would like to help, please spread the word: We have a Free RE:Boot Camp this Saturday, 10k Training, and a new FREE Try n See RE:Boot Camp. (pop an e-mail to me to sign up) that would be awesome. And if you have a work place who is interested in a Pack Challenge, please pass them my way! Thank you!