Keli is, well, the best! She is genuine, and puts up with zero bullshit. She’s a great friend, mom and handy to have on a long run.  And oh, by the way, she is our Runner of the Year. Here is her contribution to our #TestifyTuesday! Thanks Kel!

This was at the end of a 18 mile run. That smile says it all.

“I am an introvert. I am uncomfortable in big groups of people. That being said I don’t have a ton of friends. However my friends clearly share a common denominator…… Running. I’ve met some of my closest friends as an adult through running. I’m not one of those people who has friends from childhood all of my “people” I have met through running. They are my tribe. They get me and I can just be me. They share my love of running and are there for me if I don’t “love” running. They cheer for me, and they don’t judge, they are the most loyal and supportive people I know. I am honored to be one of them and to be embraced by them. I am truly blessed to have them in my life and I can’t imagine not knowing them. Thank you Beth Baker for creating such an amazing community of people I call my friends.”