“Are you going yell at me and make me cry?”  No, no  I will not. ImageProxy-6.mvc

The RE:Action Plan is something we came up with in hopes to start or boost people off into a healthy and positive direction for the new year. It includes a TON of goodies, and with that, comes some questions. SO, if you are on the fence, and the 6 weeks of awesomeness  I have collected a few and will answer them below! ENJOY!

Q: “Do I have to go to ALL the workouts?” Of course not! You pick and choose which runs or work outs you can come to each week. If you don’t show up to a class that you agreed to come, I’ll check on you, to make sure you’re alive.

Q: “Will you yell at me?” No, unless you step on my toe.

Q: “I am on vacation till 1/10, can I be a week late?” YES! That’s why we added an extra week! I hope you have great, sunny warm vacation.

Q: “Will lose weight” A: If that is your goal, I will help you out. You can have send me your before weight (privately) and we’ll hook you up with a food diary and a dietitian to spot check your intake to make sure all is looking a. ok!

Q: “Is the RE:Boot Camp hard?” Well, it’s harder then sitting on the couch. It’s all body weight exercises and geared towards beginners. It’s a great way to get your core strong!

Q: “What if it rains?” Well, we will be out there anyway. We have a back up spot for the RE:Boot camp that offers some coverage.

In the end, it’s obviously, up to you. 6 weeks of fitness, with support and a wonderful community, for only $245! Hope to see you soon!

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