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The Pack Program REVeal! (Running Pack & RE:Boot Camp Pack)

After so much time, love, feedback and more feedback, we are REVealing the Running Pack Program AND The REBoot Camp Pack! YAY!!

Here are the highlights!

Running Pack Program:   

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  • Affordable Price! All the Running Evolution training classes, half marathon, Rock It, and 10k Training. AND if you need another Couch to 5k booster, that’s included too! Auto-renew only $95/month (RE:Boot Camp is a separate pack)
  • Special Founder Price: After the first round of people come through, the price will go up!
  • New Running Group: Group running and funning is the best. Always have a running buddy!
  • Private and Active Facebook Group: Get together online after your running, be inspired and set goals!
  • SAVINGS: Over $1000 in savings if purchased ala carte.

And more!! (Like a founding member prize, VIP entry to the #RETurns10 Party, quarterly social events and all the buttslaps ) Here’s the link to preview site.

Classes that ARE coming up: Half Marathon, Couch to 5k and Rock It! Class times and dates will be available when the doors open on 2-1!

RE:Boot Camp Pack:  unspecified

  • Hassle Free: Auto-renewal is easy for you to come when you can and you’re always up to date!
  • Savings: 30% off on Running Evolution Running Classes! Here’s the link to preview site. 

Both Packs: 

  • Client REFerral Program: Get $50 REFund when you pass someone to RE!
  • Easy out! Just need 30 day warning shot to exit. And REst period of 1 month hold, if you need to RECover and get back the next month if you get injured.

OPENS 2-1-16! 

10 Years!

securedownload-2 copyI was on the phone to my life coach crying, again. I had a job I wasn’t crazy about and I wanted to do more, be outside and help people! We had just moved to Seattle and I was lonely and confused why no one would invite me over to do stuff. I started to take it personally. A HUGE dream of mine was to start my own business. It seemed completely overwhelming. My coach, Kris (As an aside, I am a big believer in coaches. They make magical stuff happen) asked me, “what do you want to do?”

I blurted out, “I want to teach people how to start running”

Kris answered “Why?”

“Because it was so incredibly hard for me to start, but I have learned so much about myself and other people. Because its fucking hard at the beginning, and you have no idea that it gets easier. I want to be the person to tell people. ‘You can do this. You will love it. YOU can do anything'”

From there, it was like a wild fire, I kid you not. We got a pricing structure, people were excited about it. People signed up. Peoples lives were changing. It was amazing. My goal was to do this full time by the end of the year. That was 10 years ago this month. I got pregnant, laid off, and had a baby. It all worked out. It was hard, it was fun, and then hard again. It was all worth it. I love my job.

My goal has been, to get people to start running, and create community. That is it. Oh, and to have fun doing it. So, for Running Evolution’s 10 year anniversary, we are going to do the most logical and easiest next step. (drum roll please)

The Pack Program!! There’s one for running, that will include ALL of the running classes, training and weekly runs and another one for the RE:Boot Camp for a monthly fee, plus other perks. I am so over the moon excited about this. Everyone will be connected, run together and be healthy.

  • Running Pack Program includes:
  • Half Marathon Training
  • Rock It Class x 4
  • 10k Class x 3
  • Couch to 5k Class
  • 3 Runs a week (day and night)
  • And a LOT more to come!
  • Founding Pack Program Price: $95

Don’t worry RE:Boot Pack, you’ll have one too!

 Registration for The Pack Program will open on February 1,  and we’ll have a party for those who sign up and friends and family who have believed in me (like Mandy who I owe a nation to), and in running. All of the details will be leaked out over the next 12 days. (look for donuts!)

RE’s goal is to expand, and create more communities, and this way it’ll be easier to facilitate. I will start training more coaches and reach more people. You know, your basic world domination model.

Thank you all for being so awesome.

More details to come!

#TestifyTuesday is BACK with ROTY

Keli is, well, the best! She is genuine, and puts up with zero bullshit. She’s a great friend, mom and handy to have on a long run.  And oh, by the way, she is our Runner of the Year. Here is her contribution to our #TestifyTuesday! Thanks Kel!


This was at the end of a 18 mile run. That smile says it all.

“I am an introvert. I am uncomfortable in big groups of people. That being said I don’t have a ton of friends. However my friends clearly share a common denominator…… Running. I’ve met some of my closest friends as an adult through running. I’m not one of those people who has friends from childhood all of my “people” I have met through running. They are my tribe. They get me and I can just be me. They share my love of running and are there for me if I don’t “love” running. They cheer for me, and they don’t judge, they are the most loyal and supportive people I know. I am honored to be one of them and to be embraced by them. I am truly blessed to have them in my life and I can’t imagine not knowing them. Thank you Beth Baker for creating such an amazing community of people I call my friends.”

Runner of the YEAR?

So, what? I am a little biased about this year’s ROTY. She’s started running with me from one of the first Couch to 5k classes, so she could do triathlons. She is a REal, funny, and total softie. I have truly enjoyed seeing her journey from new runner to marathon runner. And this year she completed the New York Marathon. She’s a staple at every finish line cheering section and a generous soul of a woman.



Congratulations Runner Smith. You make me smile and I am proud to call you my #wingwoman.

The RE:ACtion Plan F.A.Q.’s

“Are you going yell at me and make me cry?”  No, no  I will not. ImageProxy-6.mvc

The RE:Action Plan is something we came up with in hopes to start or boost people off into a healthy and positive direction for the new year. It includes a TON of goodies, and with that, comes some questions. SO, if you are on the fence, and the 6 weeks of awesomeness  I have collected a few and will answer them below! ENJOY!

Q: “Do I have to go to ALL the workouts?” Of course not! You pick and choose which runs or work outs you can come to each week. If you don’t show up to a class that you agreed to come, I’ll check on you, to make sure you’re alive.

Q: “Will you yell at me?” No, unless you step on my toe.

Q: “I am on vacation till 1/10, can I be a week late?” YES! That’s why we added an extra week! I hope you have great, sunny warm vacation.

Q: “Will lose weight” A: If that is your goal, I will help you out. You can have send me your before weight (privately) and we’ll hook you up with a food diary and a dietitian to spot check your intake to make sure all is looking a. ok!

Q: “Is the RE:Boot Camp hard?” Well, it’s harder then sitting on the couch. It’s all body weight exercises and geared towards beginners. It’s a great way to get your core strong!

Q: “What if it rains?” Well, we will be out there anyway. We have a back up spot for the RE:Boot camp that offers some coverage.

In the end, it’s obviously, up to you. 6 weeks of fitness, with support and a wonderful community, for only $245! Hope to see you soon!

Spots Still Available! Sign Up HERE