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A Special Edition of #TestifyTuesday

Someone told me the other day that they thought I was intimidating. If I was drinking milk, it would be coming out of my nose at that point, while snorting. I don’t, and hope, that people don’t think that is the truth! It’s one of the pinnacles of my business to keep things fun, light and non-scary. So, that being said, I wanted to gather a few quotes from people who have written very nice things about me. To show people who don’t know me, that I am nice, make bad jokes and snort on occasion. I also get very excited to see people in motion and change some lives. I do love my job. 

Please enjoy! (and know I will be here, when you are ready. Are you ready?)

“Never thought I would ever take a boot camp class, let alone enjoy it! Coach Beth makes you laugh and distracts you from the hard work you do. I now feel stronger, run faster and my clothes fit better. What more could you ask for?”-Heather

“I can’t recommend Running Evolution enough! I have taken both the 10K and RE:Boot Camp, which have empowered me to since run two half marathons, and I’ve never felt better about myself. Coach Beth has built a wonderful community of runners and you get so much more out of it then just the motivation to exercise.” Katy

“I’ve done Running Evolution’s REBoot class multiple times and am going to do it again! Running tips and advice fly out of my head as fast as I read them but the skills I’ve learned in Rock It have stuck and made me a better runner. My last half-marathon time was 13 minutes faster than the previous year!” Kathy

“Beth is clear, understanding, and 100% positively motivating. She makes exercise fun yet challenging for major results. By the end of 6 weeks, I couldn’t believe that I was doing moves that I could barely pull off the first week. Totally worth it, a game-changer.” Tiffany

“Late in December, I found out about Coach Beth’s upcoming Boot Camp – 6 weeks, 4 times a week of getting into shape (well timed after the holidays!)  The class was awesome –  I feel like I’m as fit as I have ever been, and ready to keep going!  Coach Beth is a great instructor/mentor/advocate/confidence builder – she comes across as extremely real, and very interested in everyone’s success.   If you’re looking for a boot camp where the instructor yells at you and calls you names, this isnt the coach for you!  I recommend any classes that Running Evolution puts on – you will have fun, and get into shape!” Val

“I never liked running before I took Beth’s class, but now aspire to be a runner for life (at my own pace and the distances I choose) and am much healthier and happier for doing so. If you want to get active, you can’t beat the price, location, community, instruction, and encouragement that Beth offers.” Deirdre

“(I’)m absolutely in love with her morning boot camps at Greenlake. Unlike other bootcamps, there is zero yelling or intimidation. It’s a smart, funny group of women. It feels great to workout outside. And with Beth’s help, I keep getting better and better. (And smaller and smaller!)” Mary


And a plug for the RE:Action Plan. Starts next week, and we do have spots! Love to have you!

Meet: The RE:Action Plan for 2016!

The end of the year sure can throw me off my game. I don’t know if it’s the upheaval of the normal schedule, the holiday parties, or the constant buffet of cookies at every location.

I do love cookies. 

And every new year, I look forward to taking the reigns back, and get back in action.  I don’t think I am alone, and it really got me thinking, researching ideas and asking people what they need; the words I kept hearing: accountability and support.

So, I am excited to launch RE:Action Plan and this is how it works: Every week, on Sunday night,


Sign Up Here

I’ll find out what workouts and or runs you intend to make that week: And you’ll respond back with what days and times you are committing to be at. And you make it happen! If you can’t come, I’ll give you a light nudge to make sure all is ok. A little outside pressure. A #buttslap to get you to come back to action. We also have a small team to help support you, like:

  • Dietician to spot check food diaries and answer questions
  • Weigh in to track progress (in your own home)
  • 5 weeks, 6 work outs a day, 5 days of work outs to pick from each week.
  • E-mail support from Beth to answer questions or send good mojo
  • And weekly prizes, to help keep you accountable and in action!

And, of course, you. The amazing people who am such a lucky duck to have with me.

If you have questions, please e-mail me, or text me. We have 39 spots open, and we have sold out every year.

You can sign up here, and YES we have a early bird discount.