nighttime-safetyBOOM! It happens just like that. The sun is no longer there. Thank YOU winter, day light savings and a very northern latitude.


But, when the heck are you supposed to get your run in, especially if you feel uneasy running at night or in Seattle, 4:00 in the afternoon. Here are a few tips to make it happen, and feel safe doing it.

1. Light yourself up like a mother trucking Christmas tree! I recommend head lamp, butt lamp, and something near your ankles. (just to verify to other people that you are indeed a runner, and not a slow, low moving drone)

2. Buddy UP! And make sure they are lit up as well or take out a nice big insurance policy on them.

3. Take off your earbuds. Yes. I know, this isn’t fun. But being aware of your surroundings is essential and you can talk to your buddy, who is lit up!

4. Stay on well lit  and populated streets or parks. AND make sure you are seen by bikes, car drivers and other runners. Don’t assume other can see you. Give a little waive or nod to make sure no one is going to get hit.

5. Weather! It is double hard to see runners in a down pour  or fog. You can still run, but please be extra cautious out there.

And, when in doubt, add another light on there. It may look a little dorky, but dorky is better then dead.

AND if you want a accountability group over the holiday season, check out Seasonal Smackdown Series. 4 weeks, 45 runs. And Prizes!