picmonkey_image-10My pants were falling down, I was tired, cold and I just cranky. AND my pants kept falling down. I had to hold them up with my right hand and hold my lifeline of a phone, with my left, so I could listen to what Liz Gilbert had to say on her podcast. ‘please, Liz, get me through this first mile’.

I hate the first mile. I like to think that is why I have my business, because most people, who don’t run and try to, think that’s the way for  the entire run! Your head engine is VERY loud with numerous reasons why you should be doing ANYTHING but what you are doing. Your body feels like lead, and you’re not very sweaty so your pants aren’t staying up. Just at that point, I saw a huge plane come off the horizon and the analogy hit me. The effort, force, and power that plane needs to get off the run way is the same as that first mile. It’s fighting inertia and gravity to get in the air. While, yes, I know I am not flying, I sure love it when my body is in flight and I can start enjoying cocktails of endorphins and listen to my in-flight entertainment of Led Zeppelin.

On your next run, play stewardess with yourself, and treat you ala first class during that pre-light protocol. Turn off your electronics (your head) put your seat up (shoulders back, chest out) and know that your destination will be in your grasp as soon as you leave the run way.