picmonkey_image-7I will admit. I use to hate hills. It was like starting to run all over again, when I ran up them. But living in San Francisco, my running routes were hugely limited if I wanted to stay on the level. I did a 1 mile loop over and over again. It was safe, and oh so flat. But when my brain could no longer handle the monotony, I explored. Up up up! The views were better, the accomplishment was wonderful and the downhills were thrilling.

Coach Pamela calls hills “character building” and I couldn’t agree more. You find out what you are made of. BUT! It’s they are so good for you, and good for training.  How? Well, I’ll tell you.

Running up hills are a analogy for life. If you are happy where you are, stay flat, and straight. But if you want a little more, a new challenge and to see what life is all about and what you are really made of, climb a hill and see what you are capable of. Its a lot more then you think. Promise.

We are starting Rock It Class soon and it will include lots of hill training. Its always more fun with others! ImageProxy-4.mvc