ImageProxy-3.mvc  When I think about my running history, I think of the people who got me there, or who were with me. My sister in law, Rena, who came to run with me the last 6 miles of my first marathon in her mary jane shoes. Hot Legs Maria Millsap, who inspires me daily to get over the crap and get out there, and who has run with me for almost 10 years. Tory! We ran my whole second marathon training with together, and the whole thing flew by with laughter and stories.  Mandy, who is just the best instigator ever, who ran her first marathon the same year she started running, because she believed in me and running. They are so many other stories, but they are who I look to for help when I am down, they lift me up, and are there for me and I hope to be there for them.

If you think you can do it by yourself, I wish you the best. But wouldn’t be easier, and more motivating to be in the company of another person to keep you honest, accountable and well, more FUN! Right!??

A) By Yourself.     B) Funner with another.

I pick B EVERY time. We are pack runners and we need each other. Put yourself out there, and find your pack. Find your #wingwoman.