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#RUN101 TIP! Get To Your Core!

ImageProxy-5.mvcOne of the worse things that runners face is injury. It puts you in “time out” till you heal and then you can go back out and play. And while your in time out, you see all the other people running, smiling, almost taunting you. Jerks.

So, one way to be a good little runner, and not get put on the side lines, is to take care of the rest of the body that isn’t moving back and forth. If you think of your body as a car, it doesn’t matter how fast, colorful or big your auto is, if the engine isn’t being tuned up and addressed, it will stop running.

How do you keep your engine keep  going? Strengthen that core! And if you keep it simple, you will more likely do it. Right?
Let’s keep it simple! O.K.? I like to work of the rule of 3’s. 3 things to remember and that way your more likely to do?

When? I like to do core work at least 2 times a week and right after a run. I know I have to run, so I just tack it afterwards.

What? Start with planks: on your elbows for 2 x :30 seconds. Next “SuperWomens” flat on your tummy, and raise your arms from your shoulders, and legs from the hips straight in the air. Hold it for 15 seconds and repeat 3 times. Last: Upside down toe touches; On your back, legs straight up in the air and try to touch your toes for 1 second, then back down. Up and down, for 30 second. Then repeat 1 time. IMG_0158

Start with that, and then you can add additional exercises.

Keep it up and make it a habit. It’ll lead to a healthy, happy and less injury running life.

If you need some extra motivation, I coach a RE:Boot Camp M-Th near Green Lake. We have lots of fun and get those cores very very happy. Details and Sign Up Here:

#RUN101 Tip: Go Up Some Hills!

picmonkey_image-7I will admit. I use to hate hills. It was like starting to run all over again, when I ran up them. But living in San Francisco, my running routes were hugely limited if I wanted to stay on the level. I did a 1 mile loop over and over again. It was safe, and oh so flat. But when my brain could no longer handle the monotony, I explored. Up up up! The views were better, the accomplishment was wonderful and the downhills were thrilling.

Coach Pamela calls hills “character building” and I couldn’t agree more. You find out what you are made of. BUT! It’s they are so good for you, and good for training.  How? Well, I’ll tell you.

  • They help increase your endurance. Walking up a hill is the same, on your heart. as a run. So running up hill is like sprinting.
  • They strengthen your butt, which helps your day to day running and decreases your injury. Happy butt, happy knees! And it makes it perkier.
  • The views! There is nothing like stopping at the top of a hill or mountain and looking of what you have accomplished, and the sweet down hill is the best.

Running up hills are a analogy for life. If you are happy where you are, stay flat, and straight. But if you want a little more, a new challenge and to see what life is all about and what you are really made of, climb a hill and see what you are capable of. Its a lot more then you think. Promise.

We are starting Rock It Class soon and it will include lots of hill training. Its always more fun with others! ImageProxy-4.mvc

#Run101! Tips & For New or REturning Runners! Find Your #Wing(wo)man

ImageProxy-3.mvc  When I think about my running history, I think of the people who got me there, or who were with me. My sister in law, Rena, who came to run with me the last 6 miles of my first marathon in her mary jane shoes. Hot Legs Maria Millsap, who inspires me daily to get over the crap and get out there, and who has run with me for almost 10 years. Tory! We ran my whole second marathon training with together, and the whole thing flew by with laughter and stories.  Mandy, who is just the best instigator ever, who ran her first marathon the same year she started running, because she believed in me and running. They are so many other stories, but they are who I look to for help when I am down, they lift me up, and are there for me and I hope to be there for them.

If you think you can do it by yourself, I wish you the best. But wouldn’t be easier, and more motivating to be in the company of another person to keep you honest, accountable and well, more FUN! Right!??

A) By Yourself.     B) Funner with another.

I pick B EVERY time. We are pack runners and we need each other. Put yourself out there, and find your pack. Find your #wingwoman.