Maybe you are looking for a challenge. You want to see what you are made of. You want to get out of your comfort zone. See what that body is made of and see if you mind can keep up.

Maybe. It’s more.


The half group is about testing limits of what your mind and body can do. And it can do it. But it’s also SO much more. There is this beautiful community that is made and cemented with long runs, where you really get to know someone. You make connections and week by week, you surprise yourself.


This is why I love my job. Seeing people evolve. Experiencing the love of running through others eyes time and time again.

“Beth is my running hero and inspiration!  Before meeting Beth, I found it a struggle to run a mile nonstop, and never even contemplated a half marathon.  I signed up for the program thinking I would just stick with it as long as I could and was shocked to find how much I enjoyed it!  It was an amazing group, full of encouragement, tips, and laughter, and Beth and the other coaches kept the long runs fun and interesting.  After finishing, I ran my first half-marathon with ease and completed my first full marathon six months later.  I can’t imagine having come even close to that far without Beth’s support and positive energy and the camaraderie of the group.” – Linda

We laugh, find adventure and train for 13.1 miles. Together.

You can do this.

You will be fine!

Hope to see you in August 29th. You can sign up here.