That lady, right there, with the cool shirt. SHE is why I love my job. A mother of 3, a professor at UW, can speak thousand languages (maybe exaggerated) and started running a few years ago and has gone on to run 2 half marathons. She has lost weight (and can fit into Oiselle clothes now) and has made friends in the running community. Her family calls me the miracle worker, but she did the work.  She is funny and real and loves running. While traveling the world, she runs when she can. I don’t have favorites, but I love watching Clarissa change and get stronger, and I love that smile.

I also love my job, because of the countless people like her. I want you to love your job too, cause life is short.

If  you are thinking about making a change, or want a seed to something more fulfilling, let me tell you, it is possible and you can do it.  Coach Running Evolution is May 3rd and spots are limited.