SO, YO! I was twirling my fingers on the cord of my land line* to my lady friend, Sally and I was like,

“SAL!  DUDE**! Those Oiselle clothes are soooo pretty. BUT, my boobs are sooo big….that cute kid, ya know. And all those hills I go up, has made this butt too mighty for those shorts”

Sal was all like, “Gurl! I HEAR YOU! We are working on it! Runners are all sizes, RIGHT”

“Wuuuuuurd***, Bergesen. The Bird IS The WORD”

securedownload-11I trust the constant bugging from me and my RE runners finally wore down the Oiselle founder. Or maybe, just maybe, she took her time to explore different ideas and put together an amazing solution to keep her current customers happy and open the doors to a whole new set of runners who would not think they could fit into the brands’ premium attire. Because we all want to look super stylish and feel good when we run. Some of us don’t want to win races and just run to feel the love. And some of us feel a little vulnerable when we run, but if we can feel sleek and supported when we are out and about, we’ll run more. I, and a lot of women I know, just run for sanity, community and to feel comfortable in our skin. And, when we run more, we’re nicer, and there is more peace. So, Oiselle is the answer to world peace. Maybe!

The solution: Oiselle made the sizes go from XS-XL to dress sizes 2-12, opening up another size, so there is more room, which my caboose would love!  (details on new sizes here) AND I KNOW, there are people out there that might still not be satisfied, but just like running a step forward is a step in the right direction. So, thank you for the new sizes, pretty clothes, constant inspiration and the world peace. Smart smart smart!

Peace out & Rock It!

* I don’t really have a land line

** I do use the word Dude more then I would like to. California girl.

*** I never use the word “WURD” when talking to someone older then 12.