securedownload-12I asked the new #Team Evolve to get out their goals, and there was some confusion and a little frustration. WHY? Goals are weird. What are they? Do you need them? What if you don’t meet them? Do you explode? Are you worth it??  Ahhhh!

This is how I think of goals:
First: Who Am I? (I am a casual, fun, adventure seekin, community building, soul lover of a lady)
Second: What do I want from LIFE? (Sand, dirt, peaks, trenches, water,  love, art music & sweat. And beer.)
Third: Goal: What can I do to get that life?
THIS: Ready?

Goals are the rungs in a ladder to the life you want. Small conquests that lead you to something good. They are scary because they test you, and show that you are truly worth the best life possible. And life is short.