This was a first time when I can remember that losing weight is not on my resolution list. Once, for like 2 seconds, I got to my “ideal” weight. Why was it my ideal weight? Completely arbitrary. COMPLETELY. Why was 140 pound deemed golden? I wasn’t happier for those 2 seconds. I wasn’t nicer, or better looking. I was just 140 pound lady.

So, this last year, I worked with the awesome Molly from Fuel Fitness and fell in love with her energy and her super casual way of making goals happen. I did her Whole 30 challenge, and I ate what made me feel good, and wasn’t hungry. I slept gloriously and had more energy, even after running 6-10 miles a day. I lost weight, but that was a side effect. And when I look at myself in the mirror, I look they way I look. I have strong runner legs, I have boobs that looks like I nursed my baby, and a tummy that also looks like a I had a baby. I brought Molly to my side to help me and all of you.

Another game changer was at Urban Campfire this last year, there was a speaker who talked about losing weight with the gift of time. If you give yourself time, and make small changes, like drinking water every morning, exercising an extra 10 minutes a day and getting and extra helping of veggies,  you will feel better and maybe lose weight. NOT trying to lose 10 pounds before the trip to the place that requires a bathing suit of some sort.

Another wonderful thing about just eating better for the goal of feeling better, you don’t feel like your in health debt all the time. Making up last nights post dinner ice cream with not eating until 2 p.m. the next day. (spoiler alert, it doesn’t work). Let’s not do that, k?

So, here’s a year of living in the moment. Rocking what we have. Making day to day good choices, and if we don’t, let’s not bring us back down. Because, you, me, her, we are all worth the best that we are. Let’s inspire and kick ass.


Coach Beth