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2015 – 5 Steps To Get Your Goals: Resolution Evolution!


I wasn’t a “goal” person. Really. I use to kinda, sorta aim for the general idea of what made me happy, and base my decisions on that. This is usually my conversation in my head:

“Am I going to look back at that moment with a smile?” It’s much easier for me not to set goals, because then I don’t fail.

Wait. No, that’s not right. YOU, I, We ALL need to fail, so we can see what it takes to make us really happy and adjust the sails to we can reroute to the destination, someplace sunny.  I am getting more corageous and the fear of not attaining goals sounds more fun to me now. What will I learn, who will I meet on the way? What adventures will I find. (post script, I love adventure)

So, with that in mind, here are some tips from me to you about how to create a “Kick-ass-and-maybe-fall-on-your-butt, cause-you-are-kicking-so-much-ass-kinda-of a-year. Resolution Evolution!!  

1) Brain Dump: Take out a piece of paper and in the middle, write down 2015 in the middle and circle it. Set a timer for 4 minutes and then, without thinking, write down all the things that come to your paper around the 2015. After the 4 minutes, circle similar words, and ideas.

2) From there, start forming a list of what you want out of your life for the new year. Go big, go crazy. Be as specific as you can.

3) Ask for help. Put it out there and get everyone on board and see if you can get ideas for what you need. People love to make dreams happen. Take it from me. (if you don’t know me, I run for a living, which is really cool)

4) Start marking up a calendar of time goals. The best way to get to what you want is make it time sensitive. Once a day is put down, the clock is ticking and shit starts to get real.

5) This is a big one. Are you ready? Really ready. Believe that you are worth it. All of the good things. Life is short and scattered with tragedy, but it comes back to you in the end. One chance, it’s only 1 year out of very few years. Make it good, make it count. 

Are you in??

Please make some of your goals known below. I trust you will kick ass.

AND if you need help in the fitness area, Check out the classes page for RE:Boot Camp, Marathon and Half marathon training and a whole bunch more!

5 Solutions to Make Your Holiday Runs Happen


“I have too much to do. My family will be in town. It’s too cold. I am too tired. I have too many people to see before the holidays”  

Let me introduce you to the excuse machine. I am sure you have met before, but it get a little more active during the holidays, in the air of frenzy, candy canes, eggnog and you are stressing about when the hell you are going to get your runs in, before  elves lives are in danger, or your mother in law’s. Not mine, I love her. (Hi Noreen!! I love you)

Here are 5 easy peasy excuse killers to get your holidays runs in . a happy, sweaty pace.

Excuse 1 “Family is in town”. Sign Up for all the holiday 5k races you can find. All of them. It’s a great way to spend time with your family, not cooped up on the couch. Invite other members to walk it if they can’t run. Usually people dress up and a good time is had by all. It’s also a great stress reliever for those problem family members. (You know who you are)

Excuse 2 “Not enough time” Get out there in the morning. Before everyone wakes up or gets motivated to figure out what to do with the day. And REALLY? You don’t have like 30 minutes to spend out on the road? I highly doubt that. Also, schedule your runs, and make a plan for the week, so you it’s on your calendar. Where it become law.

Excuse 3. “It’s too damn cold out there” It’s really only cold the first 10 minutes of your run. Your body warms up, and the 40 degrees magically feels like 60 degrees, which is kind of the best temperature for running. AND for those first 20 min, stick your running clothes in the dryer.

Excuse 4. “I’m too tired” Ah yes. All those goodies and nog have slowed down your body and made it feel like a molasses in a mess of mud. It takes just a little run to wake it back up and get your self feeling right. Just go slow and don’t set your goals on breaking the land speed record. Just get out there!! Re-adjust your goals, but goal number one; get moving.

Excuse 5. “I have too many people to see before the holidays.” Personally, I love spending time with people while running. You get to catch up, burn off a little stress and find out what they want for Christmas.  Skip the happy hour present exchanges and meet for a run and a hot cup of coffee afterwards. They’ll be very appreciative.

Dashing Through The Snow!


Where are you dashing off to? 

This year is winding down and I can’t believe how fast its gone. And we, get so wound up trying to get everything done, like a top on hyper speed.

SO! I am inviting you to take a few moments to be in the now. Right Now. Ahhhh

And, we have kicked off a Self Care week on FaceBook. I am opening the discussion to everyone to see how they fill their buckets. I also love getting ideas!!

Jennifer lights candles. Aleca is having lunch with a friend. And Sharon is taking a hot bath.

Fill your own bucket, cause you have a lot of buckets to fill this time of the year.

Top 5 Gifts for Runners Who Has Everything.


  • Fancy running watch, Check.
  • Shoes. Check.
  • The complete outfit from head to toe, complete with all the gadgets. Check.

So, you’re a runner, and you have all of the things! Or you know a runner who has it all. AND,  you want to get/give a little somethin somethin special that will knock their compression socks off.

1. A race entry, especially if that race is somewhere sunny and has margaritas at the end. I am going to Cabo in February, in case anyone wants join me.

2. A book/package of massages. It’s something every runner needs and not a lot of runners spend the money on themselves to get.

10106_large3. Don’t have a lot to spend? Get them some Schwings. Fun accessory for any runner.

4. Rundies! From the folks at Oiselle. I got a pack a few years ago, and I thought. ‘oh, cute’ and never thought I would wear them. But then I did, and they were awesome! Great fit (go a size up) and they do great for longer distance.


5.  Running Evolution has a couple of offerings this year. RE:Boot & RE:Fuel would be a nice thing to ask for, or a half marathon training (information will be announced 12/5). Or a hoodie or shirt from RECShirts & Swag, which will be having a trunk sale at Super Jock n Jill on 12/16. You can even give the gift of running with a Couch to 5k or even a virtual one, for those not in the area.

Some other fun ideas: coupon book for buddy runs with post run beer. A ‘mixed tape’ running playlist. Subscription to Runners World.

Happy Holidays! See you out there.