2015 – 5 Steps To Get Your Goals: Resolution Evolution!

I wasn’t a “goal” person. Really. I use to kinda, sorta aim for the general idea of what made me happy, and base my decisions on that. This is usually my conversation in my head: “Am I going to look back at that moment with a smile?” It’s much easier for me not to set goals, because […]

5 Solutions to Make Your Holiday Runs Happen

“I have too much to do. My family will be in town. It’s too cold. I am too tired. I have too many people to see before the holidays”   Let me introduce you to the excuse machine. I am sure you have met before, but it get a little more active during the holidays, […]

Dashing Through The Snow!

Where are you dashing off to?  This year is winding down and I can’t believe how fast its gone. And we, get so wound up trying to get everything done, like a top on hyper speed. SO! I am inviting you to take a few moments to be in the now. Right Now. Ahhhh And, […]

Top 5 Gifts for Runners Who Has Everything.

Fancy running watch, Check. Shoes. Check. The complete outfit from head to toe, complete with all the gadgets. Check. So, you’re a runner, and you have all of the things! Or you know a runner who has it all. AND,  you want to get/give a little somethin somethin special that will knock their compression socks […]