Casual, soft running shirts that people can wear before a run, during and to REC:over for the REC:rectional runner. 

Running Evolution C______

What the C?. Some of you have asked, “What does the “C” stand for in REC?”  Well, lots of stuff. Company, Community, Casual, Collaboration, Calamity, Cilometers.  (kidding, I can spell better then that..cinda) Crazy, Cozy, Cool. All of these. As we are rad runners. But  what it really is, is the heart & soul of Running Evolution. The Contract. 

The contract that all of my new runners sign, with some updates. These will be on the tag of all of the shirts & swag, for people to agree to, sign and follow when they buy a shirt…like so.



The Story. My husband and I were eating sushi in Capitol Hill about 9 years ago. I told my husband over miso, “I want to start making running shirts. Casual, soft running shirts that people can wear before, during and to RECover in”

  Then I got side  tracked and started a running coaching company, had a baby, bought a house and well, that was all awesome, and still is. But I always thought about those shirts. We made 6 runs of them for RE runners…but now..

It’s big time!

Where Can I Buy One? We will be at the Seattle Marathon Expo on November 28th & 29th. 3 different shirts Rock It, Hard Core and a new one. Long sleeve, short sleeve, and in limited number of shirts and sweat shirts will be for sale. We’ll be right across from the Goody Bag pick up. I would love to see you all there

We’ll keep you posted on where they will be on sale next on Facebook and Twitter!  So, keep in touch!

Thank you all for your support, love and #buttslaps. It’s been so much fun.