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The ‘Pearl’ Shirt

She HATED her name…both of them… Ione Peal. She went by Pearl, because it was the lesser of the two evils.


I just called her Grandma.

She wasn’t a runner or a athlete of any kind. But she was strong, lovely and could  make a mean carrot cake. She found herself raising a 15 year old for a few years, me, and I don’t think she knew what she was in for. But it was that time in my life, that changed me. It gave me focus, consistency and discipline and unconditional love. For that, I will be forever grateful to her.

Death is weird. They are gone…just gone. Every time I think about her, I realize, I will never see her again. But, as soon as that feeling washes over me, I feel a comfort. I know she is there, watching, pushing me along, making sure I meet my deadlines in life, like she did like every night, waiting for me, when I came home a few minutes after my curfew. She is my lady, and I miss her.

securedownload-1I am calling this The Pearl Shirt.

Road. Trail. Track. I Own It. 

*drum roll* REC:Shirts & Swag


 Casual, soft running shirts that people can wear before a run, during and to REC:over for the REC:rectional runner. 

Running Evolution C______

What the C?. Some of you have asked, “What does the “C” stand for in REC?”  Well, lots of stuff. Company, Community, Casual, Collaboration, Calamity, Cilometers.  (kidding, I can spell better then that..cinda) Crazy, Cozy, Cool. All of these. As we are rad runners. But  what it really is, is the heart & soul of Running Evolution. The Contract. 

The contract that all of my new runners sign, with some updates. These will be on the tag of all of the shirts & swag, for people to agree to, sign and follow when they buy a shirt…like so.



The Story. My husband and I were eating sushi in Capitol Hill about 9 years ago. I told my husband over miso, “I want to start making running shirts. Casual, soft running shirts that people can wear before, during and to RECover in”

  Then I got side  tracked and started a running coaching company, had a baby, bought a house and well, that was all awesome, and still is. But I always thought about those shirts. We made 6 runs of them for RE runners…but now..

It’s big time!

Where Can I Buy One? We will be at the Seattle Marathon Expo on November 28th & 29th. 3 different shirts Rock It, Hard Core and a new one. Long sleeve, short sleeve, and in limited number of shirts and sweat shirts will be for sale. We’ll be right across from the Goody Bag pick up. I would love to see you all there

We’ll keep you posted on where they will be on sale next on Facebook and Twitter!  So, keep in touch!

Thank you all for your support, love and #buttslaps. It’s been so much fun.


Thank you Renee for pitching in our question today:

“I’m afraid of shin splints side stitch pain and red faced panting. I don’t think I could ever enjoy running – do you?”

OH! If these things didn’t happen, then everyone would love running and I would be out of a job, and sad.

These are very common, especially for newbies. Have no fear! There are solutions! Shin splints can be caused from incorrect running shoes. Make sure you are fitted well from a professional place, I like Super Jock n Jill.  There are also a few exercises you can do to help your shins be more powerful. Tracing the alphabet with your toes (all the way to Z). Another helpful thing is tapping your feet, like you are waiting for someone. 20 taps, per foot, then switch, and repeat 5 times (100 taps a foot all together)

Side stitches are normal for new runners. Go slow at the start and focus on breathing from your belly. I tell people to breath through their toes….which I realize isn’t possible, but it makes them focus on it.

As for the red faced panting, well, I suggest bringing along a dog. It’s a good distraction for onlookers and makes your tongue seem smaller by comparison. Unless you are Gene Simmons.