I run races with my son!

When my (then) 2 y/o son would say “Run, mama, run!” from the jogging stroller while training on the BGT for the inaugural Seattle RnR

After sitting around the house for hours in my running clothes – I actually get out the door and run…total badass! Total.

My daughter tells me she wants to run Ragnar with me. She’s 6.

Finishing NODM with Christi and (after a brief stop at Dairy Queen) while walking back to the hotel we passed a guy 25 years younger than me who had done the 5k and commented on our half medals. (He was only 5 years younger than Christie.)

Tied between my first 5K finish and my first marathon finish

my daughter wants to be healthy and strong. She has fun running around and making obstacle courses.

when there’s a dance party mid-big ass hill, cheering me on….#ragnar2012

When I finished the 4th 5K in the Daffodil 5k Challenge (4 5k’s 1 day)

I outrun the police.

I run!

My husband gave me an awesome card for finishing a half marathon 8 months after my first run at age 52.

Got my latest PR at Vancouver USA without even trying!

I see how many calories I burned up!

After my fastest 10k, as soon as I crossed the finish line, I sat on a curb and breast fed my kid AND When I held my youngest while running for a sec during my first marathon when they found me along the course.