Like you run voluntarily no one is forcing you??

The other day my husband asked how my lap band was doing. I replied with, “you mean my IT band.”

How was the race? Did you win?

My daughter was afraid I was going to die on my marathon. Probably because I said ‘I’m going to die’

“But, you don’t look like a runner.”

You actually pay money to go running, when you can do it for free anytime?

but…..why? (answer: THE BLING!)

…. MILES??

When talking about a 1/2 marathon – someone asked me, ‘When do you run the other half?’

When telling people I am going to run Chicago (Vancouver, NODM) they ask ” oh, how many miles is that marathon?”

…Is some one chasing you??

Why would you do that to your body? And… Isn’t that bad for your knees?

Isn’t that bad for your body?

“Don’t you fart a lot when you run? I fart lots when I just walk fast or do other exercises.

(I have a pink 13.1 on my car.) “Wow, I didn’t know the radio stations went that low?”

You ran a marathon? Isn’t that like more than 10 miles or something?

Did you need to train before running the marathon?