I felt most like a badass mother runner when ___

I run races with my son! When my (then) 2 y/o son would say “Run, mama, run!” from the jogging stroller while training on the BGT for the inaugural Seattle RnR After sitting around the house for hours in my running clothes – I actually get out the door and run…total badass! Total. My daughter […]

When you think of a “runner,” what comes to mind?

My runner’s butt. It used to be someone much skinnier and faster than me but now I think of people in all shapes and sizes. My 9 year old running 5 miles up and down 55 flights of stairs in the Peters Canyon Trail run!! She’s AMAZING!!! Prefontaine My mom great legs! Beth at Running […]

What is the funniest thing a non-runner has said to you before?

Like you run voluntarily no one is forcing you?? The other day my husband asked how my lap band was doing. I replied with, “you mean my IT band.” How was the race? Did you win? My daughter was afraid I was going to die on my marathon. Probably because I said ‘I’m going to […]

This is 40.

Tomorrow I turn 40. So, I guess I have to start growing up.  Start:listening to jazz Spelling correctly go to dressy cocktail parties wear make up every day want to live in the “nice area” of town want the corner office And of course stop: drinking beer listen to rock and roll, loud. make “your mom” jokes […]