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I felt most like a badass mother runner when ___

I run races with my son!

When my (then) 2 y/o son would say “Run, mama, run!” from the jogging stroller while training on the BGT for the inaugural Seattle RnR

After sitting around the house for hours in my running clothes – I actually get out the door and run…total badass! Total.

My daughter tells me she wants to run Ragnar with me. She’s 6.

Finishing NODM with Christi and (after a brief stop at Dairy Queen) while walking back to the hotel we passed a guy 25 years younger than me who had done the 5k and commented on our half medals. (He was only 5 years younger than Christie.)

Tied between my first 5K finish and my first marathon finish

my daughter wants to be healthy and strong. She has fun running around and making obstacle courses.

when there’s a dance party mid-big ass hill, cheering me on….#ragnar2012

When I finished the 4th 5K in the Daffodil 5k Challenge (4 5k’s 1 day)

I outrun the police.

I run!

My husband gave me an awesome card for finishing a half marathon 8 months after my first run at age 52.

Got my latest PR at Vancouver USA without even trying!

I see how many calories I burned up!

After my fastest 10k, as soon as I crossed the finish line, I sat on a curb and breast fed my kid AND When I held my youngest while running for a sec during my first marathon when they found me along the course.


When you think of a “runner,” what comes to mind?

My runner’s butt.

It used to be someone much skinnier and faster than me but now I think of people in all shapes and sizes.

My 9 year old running 5 miles up and down 55 flights of stairs in the Peters Canyon Trail run!! She’s AMAZING!!!


My mom

great legs!

Beth at Running Evolution …cause you help people become runners every day!

That the word “jogging” is a dated term.


Marathon Man

Gams! Great gams! Also, oddly Eddie Izzard.

Strength & Resilience!!!

What is the funniest thing a non-runner has said to you before?

Like you run voluntarily no one is forcing you??

The other day my husband asked how my lap band was doing. I replied with, “you mean my IT band.”

How was the race? Did you win?

My daughter was afraid I was going to die on my marathon. Probably because I said ‘I’m going to die’

“But, you don’t look like a runner.”

You actually pay money to go running, when you can do it for free anytime?

but…..why? (answer: THE BLING!)

…. MILES??

When talking about a 1/2 marathon – someone asked me, ‘When do you run the other half?’

When telling people I am going to run Chicago (Vancouver, NODM) they ask ” oh, how many miles is that marathon?”

…Is some one chasing you??

Why would you do that to your body? And… Isn’t that bad for your knees?

Isn’t that bad for your body?

“Don’t you fart a lot when you run? I fart lots when I just walk fast or do other exercises.

(I have a pink 13.1 on my car.) “Wow, I didn’t know the radio stations went that low?”

You ran a marathon? Isn’t that like more than 10 miles or something?

Did you need to train before running the marathon?

This is 40.

Tomorrow I turn 40. So, I guess I have to start growing up. 

listening to jazz

Spelling correctly

go to dressy cocktail parties

wear make up every day

want to live in the “nice area” of town

want the corner office

And of course stop:

drinking beer

listen to rock and roll, loud.

make “your mom” jokes

drive fast

want more tattoos

listen to the music loud with the windows down

wear cowboy boots

wear cowboy hat

wear knee nigh socks



Or, continue being me, and enjoying life. I have a great one.