It started with a simple conversation with my lovely sister-in-law over opening Christmas presents.

“I am running a marathon”


This was 15 years ago before a lot of people did marathons. It was impressive, amazing and seemed unattainable.  I wanted that and I had no idea how to run.

Jump ahead years later, and now my 40th birthday is breathing down my neck like a sprinter would come up behind a marathoner. Humbling fast. I joke with my sister-in-law about what she created, literally thousands of runners from one little conversation with an amazingly inspirational lady.

SO! I want new runners. How many? 400!!! 

But I am just too lazy to do this myself, and I want you to help.

I am calling this undertaking: Run It Forward: #400for40

3 Steps to get a new runner

Step 1: Think of someone who might want to run.  (Could be husband, wife, mother, kid, yourself) This person could live anywhere!

Step 2: E-mail me (coachbeth at running evolution.com ) for details: You’ll get a Couch to 5k schedule and ways to get a Virtual Couch to 5k for FREE!

Step 3: Spread the Love! Share this post on FB or twitter. Tag Running Evolution for people who are interested. Use the hashtags #runitforward #400for40 where possible.

Go Forth! Inspire! #Buttslap!

Coach Beth