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What’s your favorite life/running metaphor quote?

“Running is like a box of chocolates…wait, no, no. I just want chocolate.”

“Just keep swimming”

“I run to eat!!!! Whatever, I want!”

“Will run for wine”

“Trust your training”

“A year from now you will wish you started today”

“Slow down!”

“It’s all about the journey. The destination is irrelevant.”

“Deep breath, shoulders down, let your legs do the work for you”

Run It Forward!!!


It started with a simple conversation with my lovely sister-in-law over opening Christmas presents.

“I am running a marathon”


This was 15 years ago before a lot of people did marathons. It was impressive, amazing and seemed unattainable.  I wanted that and I had no idea how to run.

Jump ahead years later, and now my 40th birthday is breathing down my neck like a sprinter would come up behind a marathoner. Humbling fast. I joke with my sister-in-law about what she created, literally thousands of runners from one little conversation with an amazingly inspirational lady.

SO! I want new runners. How many? 400!!! 

But I am just too lazy to do this myself, and I want you to help.

I am calling this undertaking: Run It Forward: #400for40

3 Steps to get a new runner

Step 1: Think of someone who might want to run.  (Could be husband, wife, mother, kid, yourself) This person could live anywhere!

Step 2: E-mail me (coachbeth at running ) for details: You’ll get a Couch to 5k schedule and ways to get a Virtual Couch to 5k for FREE!

Step 3: Spread the Love! Share this post on FB or twitter. Tag Running Evolution for people who are interested. Use the hashtags #runitforward #400for40 where possible.

Go Forth! Inspire! #Buttslap!

Coach Beth