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 Start Coaching New Runners


When: March 30th 2014 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

What: Includes 4 hour seminar and group work.

Where: 11027 Meridian Avenue North #102 Seattle, WA 98133

Verity Credit Union

Hello! My name is Beth Baker, and I have coached almost 2000 people to start to run. I love love love my job. My goal is to make as many runners as possible. I created a turn-key system so YOU can start to coach new runners, inspire the journey and change lives. Cool, huh?


I will tell you all about:

    •   The exact topics to give your new runners the tricks of the trade.
    •   Marketing tools
    •   Pricing workshop
    •   How to Coach NEW RUNNERS on how to get motivated, mental tricks to stay on track, and keep being inspired.
    •   Where to find your new runners.
    •   Example schedules for 3 different experience levels.
    • How to make the leap to start your new venture
    •   How to open up your coaching to huge GROUPS,  not just runners. 
    •  And so so so much more…..

What you get:

Investment Price: $497  SAVE $100 by signing up before 3/7

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Just to be clear…

This is:• A certification program designed to help industry professionals understand the intricacies of coaching new runners• Focused specifically on a 5k goal, but generally applicable to other distances
This isn’t:• How to shave minutes off your client’s marathon time• Focused on improving your running technique (although that could happen!)

What coaches are saying

“Beth proves with her success that there is a real demand to get “regular” people running and she gives you lots of tips and know how on how to define your demographic” Susan Wade Pip Running

 ”The class was really well organized and expertly designed. It is so helpful to be able to dig into Coach Beth’s experience, and learn practical, proven tips for working with new runners. Worth every dime” –Milyssa Carwin Daigle Race Organizer and Coach 

“Beth is really awesome! She’s a great teacher and brings a lot of humanity to her role as teacher and as a role model. She’s been there, done that and hasn’t forgotten that trying something new can be a really scary thing but that it’s also okay. You just gotta keep moving forward. She’s also a hoot! “-Sarah Damianick Seattle Walk Run

“I really liked the discussion of the training plans, including individualizing them to fit each client’s needs. The discussion regarding potential obstacles and how to overcome them was also very beneficial.” –Kathy Biscardi Seattle Walk Run

“After taking the Running Evolution certification class, I felt prepared and confident to coach groups and train individual runners through a 5K training program. Since then, I have helped several people achieve their running goals and feel personally successful. This class was fun, informative and Beth was an excellent instructor. It really helped create a foundation to my running career.” Melissa Valenzuela- Coach